Ready-made industry solutions for the beauty and sports sectors in Kommo
Synergy of the best market solutions
Customer journey from inquiry to booking
Chains of chatbots, customer retention, and additional sales
Obtain the presentation
They trust us
Watch a video presentation on how a properly configured CRM works in the beauty industry
Why do we need the integration of Kommo and Altegio
How to bring back customers who stopped coming
Automatic message handling through a chatbot
Appointment booking and visit arrangement
Communication with customers through all methods
Salon's operation basis in Kommo
Why is using Kommo ideal for a beauty salon
All inquiries are recorded, and no leads are lost. If any are lost, you will notice it immediately
Tracking from the initial inquiry, registration, and follow-up to the visit
Achieve maximum efficiency in salon operations with the help of a chatbot and customer retention workflows.
Having all customers in one place
Online recording and tracking of services"
Complete automation
Managers work will be systematic and transparent
Online booking
Employees can see the available time slots of the master and the current salon workload
One-click appointment booking
Work in a single window with extensive automation (automatic status changes of appointments and payment processing)
Flexible customization for the industry.
Online booking for website and social media
Placing online booking on the website and social media, through which your clients can access real-time information on the availability of professionals and choose a suitable option.
Customers and leads
Leads from all channels are funneled into one system and evenly distributed among professionals
Tasks and notifications
The event log is configured - the system informs the masters whether the client will come or the visit is canceled.
Interactive catalog
The information about the assortment of goods and services is always in front of the masters
Key metrics on one screen for the company as a whole and for each employee individually
Automate processes
Kommo will take on routine tasks, and the masters can focus on clients
Automate processes
In a lead, the history of customer relationships is stored - previous records of services and preferences
Customer relationship history
Our solutions for beauty are used by 400+ companies

Convenient registration
and data synchronization
Integration Kommo
with Altegio
Connecting instant messengers
Every second person has them installed on their smartphone. Messenger marketing plays a key role when working with clients, helps to return lost clients and not lose regular ones
Employees write to social networks and instant messengers directly from the client card
All correspondence in 1 window with communication history saved
Possibility of setting up a chat bot (confirming an appointment; collecting feedback; returning lost clients)
Messengers are the most effective way to communicate with your audience.
We accompany the project until victory - we facilitate the transition and adaptation
In sales that you did not know about and that we did not foresee. From experience, the range of problems can be: from poor communication between the manager and the client to the movement of money “past the cash register” and theft of clients
We advise you on any issues free of charge throughout the entire period of use of the CRM system and help you solve problems with the CRM system. We are in touch 24/7
We control
Identifying problems
We consult
We log into the CRM system every day for 1-3 months and analyze the efficiency of managers and the entire sales structure as a whole.
Our clients
We are capable of configuring systems of any scale - from a system for 1 person to a system for 100 people
Hotels, tourism, and leisure
Medicine and health
Beauty and sports
Business services
Online education
Large companies
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