Widgets for Kommo

We have developed more than 10 widgets for Kommo, which solve various tasks and automate the business processes of companies around the world. More than 1000 accounts have already installed our solutions.

We are trusted
Integration with systems
Convenient registration
and data synchronization
Kommo integration
with Altegio

Useful Widgets

Widget allows you to hide pipelines / fields / sections from users
Automatic distribution of the leads between users


The widget searches for duplicates in any field and is able to merge them in bulk
Automatic merge duplicates
The widget adds a custom mask for the phone number and email when filling in the data
Mask for phone and email
Automatic calculation according to given formulas with flexible settings
Calculating data in fields
Expanding the capabilities of standard email in Kommo
Convenient email
The widget allows flexible setting of field completion requirements for any stage without restrictions on subsequent stages
Required fields
Automated flexible notifications delivery to Telegram from Kommo
Telegram Notifications
Search by any block in Kommo, new field type "Counter" and line break
Advanced Fields

Mini Widgets

Opening a chat with a client
without entering a phone number
WhatsApp Web /
Telegram Web
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