Ready-made industry solution for an online store
All communication methods in one place
Customer journey from cart request
to complete delivery
Chatbot sequences, customer retention,
and additional sales
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Watch the video presentation on how a properly configured CRM works in an online store
Sales analysis and report generation
End-to-end analytics with Roistat
Working with online payment gateways
Managing the customer from cart to delivery
The basis of the sales department's work in Kommo CRM
Why is using Kommo CRM ideal
for an online store?
All interactions are recorded, and no lead is lost; if one is lost, you will notice it immediately
The system is implemented quickly and does not meet resistance from managers
Achieve maximum efficiency in your work with integration with MoySklad, payment gateways, and Roistat
All customers in one place
Fast and convenient
Full automation
Automation of all processes
  • 1
    Receiving orders from the website in Kommo CRM
    The customer places an order and instantly enters the CRM system.

    Welcome messages are immediately sent to the customer through various channels - email, messengers, and social networks
  • 2
    Automatic customer journey to payment
    If the order is not paid, integration with payment gateways allows for the automatic generation and sending of a payment link, both manually by the manager and automatically
  • 3
    Synchronization with the warehouse and product management
    Through integration with MoySklad or Kladana, orders are automatically created in the system with the transfer of product data for inventory synchronization.

    If you don't use MoySklad or Kladana, Kommo CRM has built-in product management features that allow you to organize basic processes for managing product listings

  • 4
    Synchronization with delivery services
    Integration with almost all popular delivery services automatically creates orders in the system and further synchronizes them based on status (arrived, delivered, received)
  • 5
    End-to-end analytics
    By systematizing all processes, you gain the ability to apply end-to-end analytics (using Roistat), allowing you to assess the effectiveness of orders for each of your advertising channels down to the last dollar
Our solutions for online stores are used by 500+ companies
Connecting messengers
Messengers are installed on every other smartphone. Messenger marketing plays a crucial role in customer engagement, helping to re-engage lost customers and retain regular ones
Messengers are the most effective means of communicating with your audience
Customize a chatbot (registration confirmation for webinars, automatic offer delivery)
All communication is consolidated in one window with a history of interactions
Employees can write on social media and messengers directly from the customer's profile
We support the project until success - making the transition and adaptation easier
We discover issues in sales that you were not aware of and that were not initially considered. Based on our experience, problems can range from poor manager-client communication to financial irregularities and customer theft
We provide free consultation throughout the usage of the CRM system, assisting you with any questions and helping you solve CRM-related tasks. We are available 24/7
We monitor
Identify problems
We access the CRM system daily for 1-3 months, conducting an analysis of the effectiveness of the managers and the entire sales structure
Our clients
We are capable of configuring systems of any scale - from a system for 1 person to a system for 100 people
Hotels, tourism, and leisure
Medicine and health
Beauty and sports
Business services
Online education
Large companies
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