Implementation of Kommo and automation of the sales system for your business

We implement and configure Kommo CRM.

Training and supporting the sales department

We develop useful widgets

Obtain the presentation
Trust us
We will save on advertising and complete the project for which you will recommend us.

Closed and ongoing Kommo implementation projects. The average rating of our work by the customer is 8.5/10
The number of specialists working on your project, striving to implement the system as efficiently as possible
Our position in the global Kommo ranking. We are certified Kommo partners
On average, it will take us several working days to configure the system so that you can start using it. We will provide training and ongoing guidance
The services we provide
Implementation of Kommo
Automating the Sales Department based on Kommo, developing and configuring business processes
7-10 days
Implementation of Altegio
Implementation and configuration of Altegio in your business, with training and support
14 days
Supporting Kommo
You can figure everything out on your own, but to save your time, it's better to turn to professionals
30 days
We have developed more than 10 widgets for Kommo, addressing various tasks and automating business processes for companies worldwide. Over 1000 accounts have already installed our solutions
Development of widgets for Kommo
7 days
Remote Quality Control Department
We will ensure that the sales department operates efficiently. We will demonstrate how to analyze accumulated data and monitor key metrics
20 days
Need development for Kommo?
If you need functionality that is not in ready-made solutions, we can develop it
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Industry-specific solutions
The implementation of Kommo for the beauty and sports industries
The implementation of Kommo for online education
The implementation of Kommo for online stores
The implementation of Kommo for hotels/saunas
The implementation of Kommo for wholesale sales
More details
Our clients
We are capable of configuring systems of any scale - from a system for 1 person to a system for 100 people
Hotels, tourism, and leisure
Medicine and health
Beauty and sports
Business services
Online education
Large companies
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