Creating orders in the website's shopping cart from Kommo

The order placed by your customer (for example, from the website) is transferred to Kommo with the ability to edit. Ability to create orders in the customer's shopping cart on the website from Kommo. Creating a customer's personal account from Kommo

*We can also implement integration with any delivery service, for example, "CDEK"

Reduce the time it takes to create orders for customers who call
Synchronize the website with Kommo
Creating and editing orders from Kommo
Client's goals and pains:
Reducing time spent switching between programs
Unified database in 1 program
Connect the website to Kommo
Using the "Integration with Tilda" widget or other development from us, connect the website to Kommo and receive all requests in the pipeline. Processing them more accurately and modernly!

With our "Smart website integration" development, you can also edit an order from the website from a lead in Kommo or create an order in a lead from the website catalog yourself.

Automatic movement of the order in the pipeline depending on the delivery status
With integration with delivery services, it is possible to configure automatic stage changes for a lead depending on the order status

We can also set up automation that will send the customer an SMS notification that their order has been shipped or has already arrived.
There is the possibility of adding various sales bots for communication with the customer
Need development for Kommo?
If you need functionality that is not in ready-made solutions, we can develop it
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