Hiding data

The data hiding widget allows you to restrict user access to selected pipelines, fields, sections and stories in Kommo CRM

Price: 90$ per year
Demo 7 days
Widget setup
Hiding Methods:

Any time a lead is opened in a hidden pipeline, the availability is blocked and the user is given a prohibition warning.

Ability to hide selected fields, pipelines, and stripped for certain users.

When opening a hidden pipeline by detours, a prohibition warning is issued to the user

IMPORTANT! If the "Set up availability" button does not appear when setting user rights - go to the "Settings" section in the widget and click the "Save" button, after that the "Configure accessibility" button should appear

Video tutorial

Hide pipelines, sections, and fields

With the widget you can:

Hide access to any section in Kommo CRM (Leads, Tasks, Desktop, Analytics)

For each user, configure hiding for certain funnels (or stages in these pipelines)

Prevent viewing certain fields in a lead / contact / company

Do not display the total amount of transactions in the transaction section
In addition to the usual hiding of stages, you will also have the opportunity to:
Maximum flexibility
work with stages
Prohibit moving leads to selected stages
Prohibit moving deals from the selected stages

Select users whose history (tasks, chat, calls, notes, emails) in selected sections (leads / contacts / companies) you don't want to be seen

Hiding history in a lead from the user

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