Convenient email

The "Convenient Email" widget enhances the standard mailbox capabilities in Kommo

Demo period for 7 days
Price: 120 $ / year
Widget configuration
How to set up and use:
Go to the "Settings" tab (to the right of "Description") within this widget and add emails to "Connected Mailboxes" (you need to enter email addresses exactly as they are added in the account).
For specific users, you can set the default email and also choose which emails to hide (and make them unavailable for use)
We have also prepared instructions for self-configuration
if you encounter a problem
Choose the default email
With the widget, you can:
Select emails to hide, which will be unavailable for selection when sending a message
Choose the default email for the user (which will be automatically filled in when sending)
Edit and send beautiful HTML emails
With the built-in HTML editor, you can:
Create, edit, and send HTML emails in a pleasant and beautiful format
Use the built-in HTML editor, within which we have added quick and convenient variable substitution (values from deal fields) directly into the email (available by clicking the "A" button)
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