Advanced fields

With the widget, working with fields in Kommo becomes even more convenient: searching across any block in Kommo; new field type "Counter" and line break

Price: 90$ per year
Demo 7 days
Widget setup
How to set up and use:
First, you need to activate the widget. The activation button is located in the "Settings" tab. There will also be a block where you can contact us if you have any questions
In the "Settings" section, you will see 2 tabs: "Line break and search in fields" and "Counter in fields". The functions can work conditionally in parallel, but priority is given to the "Counter in Fields"
If you need "Line break and search in fields", then mark the necessary functionality with checkboxes in the corresponding checkboxes
When activating search checkboxes in entities "Leads, Contacts, and Companies", fields where selection will be available should also be selected
In case you need "Counter in fields", go to the corresponding tab and click on the checkbox "Activate counter in fields of the list and multiselect types"
Next, click on the "Add counter" button, select the field where you want to use the counter, and select the field where the counter result will be displayed (the field is selected as "Text" type)
Activate search in any section of Kommo
With the widget, you can:
Add search in settings, email, as well as in the lead itself in each existing standard block
Add search to the filter in the lead, contacts, companies section
Activate search in selected list type fields in leads, contacts, or companies
Counter field operation mechanism
You have the ability to turn fields of the "List" or "Multiselect" type into counters
Next to each value, there is a "+" and "-" switch that allows you to specify the quantity of any value in the list field
The specified result is saved in the storage field in the format: "Value: Quantity"
With the widget, long field names are transformed not into "..." (as standard) but display the full name with line breaks
Line breaks for long field names
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