Find duplicates

The widget has everything you might need when fixing duplicates: manual search and bulk merging, warning about duplicates, automatic search for duplicates by trigger in the autofunnel

Price: from 16 $ / month

Demo period for 7 days

Widget setup

How to set up and use:

Go to the "Analytics" section and click on the "Search for duplicates" tab

Select the desired entity for the search (lead / contact / company) and the field within which duplicates will be searched

Wait for the completion of the collection of the database and the search for duplicates

For mass selection, click "Select All" and "Merge Automatically"

If you want to merge only one pair - click the "Merge" button to the right of the pair

Video instruction

Automatic merge on creation

The widget is able to automatically check and merge leads, contacts, or companies by launching a trigger in the Digital Pipeline (auto funnel)

Flexible configuration is built-in and validation is supported by all available fields

The widget searches for any entity

With the widget you can:

Search by any parameter (field) of the entity, both available from standard (name, phone, email) and from additional fields

Search for any entity - lead, contact, or company
Automatic Merge

After the widget processes the base, you have the opportunity to select all pairs of duplicates and click the "Merge automatically" button - in this case, the widget will mass merge the duplicates

There is also a manual combination of a pair by pressing the "Combine" button

Checking for duplicates within an entity
With the widget you can:

Flexibly adjust the conditions for searching for a duplicate of a deal - by a single contact, or company; in certain funnels

If a duplicate is found in the lead/contact/company card, a "Duplicate" plate will be added, when you click on it, you can merge

Cost of use
120 $
20 $ / month
162 $
18 $ / month
192 $
16 $ / month
10% discount
20% discount
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