Integration with Altegio

Checkout of visits in a convenient and familiar interface from amoCRM and stable synchronization of data on visit updates and payments. Widget is available in Russian, Spanish and English


What is important to note!! This feature is designed primarily to retain customers who are in Kommo and who have leads. If the client needs the script to find a visitor in his Altegio database (who is not in Kommo at the same time), and, for example, create a lead for him, then this option does not suit him. Super features are powered by the Salebot toolkit inside Kommo.

Trigger Setting and Super Functions

- Go to the settings of the required pipeline;
- Click "Add trigger", enter Altegio in the search, click the "Add" button;

- The following window appears:
Here we are already proceeding to the direct configuration.

  1. We set up the conditions under which the trigger should work, for example, if the client needs the CLIENT to be checked after 30 days, then in the standard trigger conditions we set a delay of 720 hours.
  2. Next, select the type of action. At the moment, there is so far one option - "Check for successful records for the period";
  3. Choose which branches the check should take place. The check will take place just not on the amo base, but on the YC base;
  4. Specify for what period to search for successful records;
  5. You can optionally enable "Additionally verify by service". In this case, you can select either the field where the name of the service is drawn, or you can enter your own name. You can also enable the item "Full match by name";
  6. The next step is to choose what will happen if, as a result, a client is found who has not walked for 30 days. So far, only one action is available - Launch SalesBot;
  7. Perhaps the client will have a suitable Bot, but if not, it must be created from the "Settings" section, the "Chats and Communications" tab;
  8. We click "Finish".
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