Integration with Altegio

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How Duplicate Search works in Integration with Altegio
In the Kommo integration with Altegio, there is a function for searching duplicates of leads/appointments at any stage of any pipeline. You can enable it in the widget settings, in the automation section (item 1 as shown in the screenshot).
Duplicate search in this widget works when creating new appointments as follows:

  1. It queries Kommo by contact ID and checks the found contact for matching phone numbers. Phone numbers are checked according to the following rule: it checks the phone number prefix, conventionally, +7 at the beginning of the number or if the number starts with 8, then it checks the next 10 digits of the number. If there is a match, the duplicates are merged, provided that all the listed conditions are met. If the phone number prefix does not match the number in the record, it simply checks the next 10 digits after the prefix, and if the number matches, the leads are merged, provided the following conditions are met.
  2. In the found contact with a matching phone number, it checks the leads for matching statuses set in the settings (item 1 as shown in the screenshot). If a suitable lead in the required status is found, it starts the verification process.
  3. In the suitable lead, the completeness of ANY custom fields is checked.
  4. The "Altegio Record ID" field in the lead is checked. If it is filled in, the lead is not suitable for merging duplicates (unless the function from item 2 of the screenshot is enabled). In this case, if all checks fail, a new lead with the appointment is created.
  5. If the "Altegio Record ID" field is not filled, the lead is considered suitable for merging, and the appointment is merged with it.

Function "Consider a lead with a matching record ID as suitable for updating"

When this function is enabled (shown in item 2 in the screenshot), all check conditions are saved; however, the lead's check for the record ID is done in a different format. If the Altegio integration widget sees that the lead has a record ID and the previous phone number check condition is met, the lead will merge with the one that has the record ID.
If there are multiple leads that meet the conditions, the condition from item 3 below the screenshot comes into play. Within this function, you can choose which lead to merge into:
  • Into a new one based on the creation date, meaning the freshest and most recently created lead.
  • Into an older one based on the creation date, meaning the oldest lead that meets the conditions.
Logic of updating leads in Kommo from Altegio records
Lead updating occurs when parameters in the appointment are changed in Altegio (for example, the service or client category), and they should also be updated in Kommo.
Updating a lead follows this logic - it is searched by the lead's ID in Kommo. If it is not found, it is searched by the client's phone number in the appointment and, accordingly, in Kommo. If there is no phone number either, it is searched by the ID of the record in Kommo. In case nothing is found, the record is not updated.
To update a lead in Kommo, you need to manually enter the Altegio record ID in the lead's field, re-save the appointment in Altegio, and refresh the page with the relevant lead in Kommo.

How to Find the Record ID in Altegio

Finding the record ID in Altegio can be done fairly simply:
  1. Open the appointment log page with the desired appointment.
  2. Open the console (right-click on the screen, select "inspect").
  3. In the opened window, select the "Elements" section.
  4. Hover over the desired appointment, as shown in the screenshot.
  5. The numbers indicated in the code are the record ID that needs to be entered into the appropriate field."
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