Telegram Notifications

Sending flexible notifications with the ability to substitute values from fields via Digital Pipeline to an unlimited number of recipients

Setting triggers in DP:
Using the widget allows:
  1. Sending messages under any trigger conditions in the automated pipeline - change in a lead's stage, new message from a client, change in responsibility, and any other available actions.
  2. Messages can be sent to any number of recipients: personal account, group, public group, channel.
  3. You can specify any desired template with automatic data substitution from the lead/contact/company.
Setting up a trigger in DP:
Write any message or the command "start" to the Telegram bot named @Notifications_amoCRMBOT
If it's necessary for it to write to a group, the bot needs to be added to the group/channel and made an administrator
Access Kommo, open the necessary pipeline, then click on "Configure"

Click on "Add trigger" at the required stage, then find and install "Telegram Notifications"

Next, in the "contacts" section, specify the Telegram username, group name, or name from the short link (for public groups). Then click "add contact"
Also, specify the necessary information for transmission in the trigger and substitute the required macros (field values) using "@"
Done, according to the trigger conditions, the specified text will be sent to the specified group/channel/personal messages in Telegram
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