Distribution of leads

The Leads Distribution widget allows you to automatically distribute leads between users. Distribution occurs when a trigger is launched in a pipeline

from 16 $ per month

Demo period for 7 days

Widget setup

How to set up and use:

Fill out the form for issuing a test period within the widget settings, or click the "Activate" button

Go to the Leads section, then on the top right, open the desired funnel where you want to set up the distribution and click the "Set up pipeline" button. In the search, enter "Distribution" and select this widget

Click the "Add user" button to add him to the distribution list and specify the percentage by which requests will be distributed

Select the functions to be performed from the options "Change the person responsible for the leads"; "Change at contact"; "Change for a task"

Also, if you need distribution for users by date and time, go to the "Settings" section and select the "Distribution Schedule" tab. Click on the calendar on the right and set the settings you need. Select the item "Take into account the employee's schedule" in the trigger settings

Video instruction

Distribute leads between users

With the widget you can:

You can also change the person responsible for the lead tasks and the person responsible for the contact.

If an event is reached (creation of a new order, or any other available event for a trigger), change the owner of the lead depending on the distribution percentage set

Distribute leads depending on the employee's working hours

Keep track of your employee's schedule

In a convenient way, set up an employee's work schedule in a weekly mode

The widget will distribute only if the current time of this employee is working

You have the option to either copy the weekly schedule up to a certain date or change the opening hours for a specific day

Leads are distributed depending on the current working status
An employee can set a work status if he started work or completed it

With the widget you can:

Use the work status of an employee
Cost of use
120 $
20 $ / month
162 $
18 $ / month
192 $
16 $ / month
10% discount
20% discount
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