Convenient email

The "Convenient Email" widget enhances the standard mailbox capabilities in Kommo

Editor and quoting responses

Efficient email management significantly enhances the standard capabilities of the amoCRM mailbox:

• Hide emails and messages (in all sections) from specific users

• Choose the default email that will be automatically inserted when sending an email

• Utilize the built-in online HTML editor for email formatting with the ability to insert field values into sent emails using a macros directory

The widget allows for the differentiation of email handling among employees and simplifies email management while protecting against potential errors. The built-in HTML email constructor facilitates quick and convenient work with beautifully formatted HTML emails.

Creating a beautiful email template:

To create your template with custom HTML code, go to the "Mail" section, then to the upper right corner, click "Settings." At the beginning of the page, find the "Add a remplate" section, where all your created templates will be stored.

Here, you can write arbitrary HTML code with attractive formatting, benefiting from Kommo macros.

You also have the option to set the default email for a user. When sending an email message, this email will always be automatically inserted by default

Additionally, clicking the "Reply" button in an email message will add the replied message as a "quoted" response

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