Find duplicates

The widget has everything you might need when fixing duplicates: manual search and bulk merging, warning about duplicates, automatic search for duplicates by trigger in the autofunnel

Setting up triggers in DP

To do this, go to the pipeline settings. Select the desired stage (at which we want the merging to take place) and click+add trigger
Select the desired stage (at which we want the merging to take place) and click + add trigger
In the search bar we write the names of the widget and look for our installed widget:
We press the button "+ Add"
The settings window appears:
You must select the desired function.Next, in the drop-down list, select the sign of the match / pipeline / matching field value - depending on the selected function.

Let's say we need to find duplicates with a common feature - contact, in the pipeline "New customers"

Moreover, the trigger functionality allows you to select not only one pipeline, it is also possible to take into account (not take into account) the leads of the statuses of UR and ZiN.
Also, the functionality provides in which direction from lead to combine duplicates - in the direction of lead, created earlier or later.
You can also search for duplicates of a contact, and select a matching field value, and in the next field, select a match for all fields, whether it is necessary or one field is enough to search for duplicates.

Like above, you can also choose in which direction from lead to merge duplicates - in the direction of lead created earlier or later.

Identical settings can also be observed in the next duplicate search field in the company entity
After the settings are set, you need to choose the moment that will be a kind of "marker" - when the gluing of duplicates will take place. Immediately after the creation of the lead at this stage, after the transition of the lead to the status, and so on ...
Additionally: you can select the trigger time several hours before/after the selected time.
You can also choose exact trigger time and daily trigger time to find duplicates
You can also choose certain triggers of the client's action after which the search for duplicates in the stage will be triggered.
If you want your duplicated leads that are already "hanging" at this stage to stick together,click on the checkbox "Apply the trigger to all leads in this stage""
*If you need to search for duplicates only for tagged leads, add an additional setting and select the tag(s), the widget functionality allows this!
We save the pipeline settings and use it!
*if necessary, a trigger can be created in several stages
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