Distribution of leads

The widget allows you to automatically calculate the data in the fields according to a given formula and display the result in the selected field.

How to set up a trigger in a widget

“Distribution of Leads” Widget allows you to automatically distribute incoming to the stage you choose pipeline lead between specific users of the account, making them responsible, as well as:

  1. Take into account the schedule of employees and their working status in the distribution
  2. Selectively change the responsible person when distributing to:
• lead
• Task lead
• Contacts
  1. Set the percentage by which leads will be distributed among the specified managers
Widget setup instructions

1. After installing the widget, you need to go to its settings through “Settings” and click the “Activate” button
2. Then you need to go to pipeline, then click the “Setup” button
3. Next, you need to add a trigger to the stage where you want to distribute lead, move the cursor and click on the “Add trigger” button.
4. After that, you need to find the widget in the search bar, then click the “Add” button
5. After adding the trigger, the widget settings window opens. You can select the condition by which this trigger will be launched, if none is required, in the "Run:" column necessary to select the option "after moved to or created in this stage"
6. After clicking on the "Users among whom it is distributed " button, a list of available users in your Kommo will be displayed. It is necessary to choose those who should participate in the distribution.

7. Next, you need to adjust the percentage in the window below to determine which manager to give priority to. By default, all employees have the same percentage. To evenly distribute the percentage between managers, you need to click the “Evenly distribute” button
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