Distribution of leads

The widget allows you to automatically calculate the data in the fields according to a given formula and display the result in the selected field.

How to set the work status of employees

  • Employees can indicate their status as "Working" / "Not working" - and you take this parameter into account when distributing
1. To set the work status, you must click on the picture above the "Desktop" button and to the left of the name click on the circle "Working" / "Not working"
2. Set the trigger (which you set up for distribution) to "Consider work status" and save
3. You have the opportunity to see who is currently working and who is not. To do this, go to "Settings" - "Distribution settings"
4. A circle will be displayed to the left of the name. Green - the user is working, red - the user is not working
5. Additionally, in "Settings" -> "Distribution Schedule," you can choose additional settings. In the "Distribution Settings" tab, you can select automatic status change for employees to "Not Working" at 00:00 MSK and display the distribution schedule in the "Analytics" section. You can choose to display this section for specific users if needed.
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